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Toy Story 3 (2010) Official Synopsis :

Toy Story 3 – How Pixar always do that? Released an animated film every year that always managed to get the universal claims of the fans and the various positive responses from critics around the world. And it’s not just once or twice by a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Pictures. They have done as much as ten times in ten films that had their releases since 1995. Without stain. Flawless. How do they do it?

To begin a new decade, Pixar began their adventure by giving some sort of cover story of the movie has started the studio’s success story 15 years ago, Toy Story. With the creation of funds of U.S. $ 30 million, the film that started the admiration of the world to the world of computer animation course pioneered by Pixar. As everyone knows, the film burst onto the market, which fueled the many computer animated films as well as the other a sequel, Toy Story 2 – made with funds of U.S. $ 90 million and also reap great success – and was released in 1999.

Had strained relations with its parent company, but managed to finish it, Pixar later announced in 2007 that they would continue the adventures of Woody and his friends in the Toy Story series in a second sequel that will be released with the title of Toy Story 3. And now, exactly 11 years after the first installment was released, a bunch of toys that have become favorites of the world’s population is back to face the biggest challenge of their friendship: find the fact that their owner, Andy, has grown up and is ready to leave his toy collection.

As often emphasized Woody (Tom Hanks) on Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) and a collection of toy friends, is a natural and reasonable thing, then, when Andy (John Morris) grow up and leave them. But of course none of them would think that they would actually face a period when Andy was 17 years old and ready to leave his home to continue their education to the lecture bench.

A few days before his departure, Andy finally decided just to take Woody to accompany her in a university dormitory. Meanwhile, another toys collection will he keep it in the attic of his house. Unfortunately, the mother (Laurie Metcalf) even thought that the toy collection is a collection of toys that will be discarded by Andy. Separated from his friends, Woody finally had struggled to find his best friends and bring them back to Andy before he leaves for college dorms.

Although seat directing Toy Story 3 is no longer occupied by John Lasseter, who this time is only acting as an executive producer and handed the post of assistant director when the director directed Toy Story 2, Lee Unkrich, Toy Story series fans should not worry if it looks like this film will lost a lot of his best touch. There is absolutely no change in Toy Story 3. Woody, Buzz, Jessie and the whole toy in this movie remains the same doll as the audience ever seen in the two previous series. What’s changed here is Andy, the human characters, who grew up … and you, as the audience for this movie.

Screenwriter Michael Arndt, who was an Academy Award winner in the category of Best Original Screenplay of the manuscript which he wrote for the film Little Miss Sunshine, would seem to know a lot of emotional ties existing between the film with the audience over the years. Therefore, he puts the audience in the position as Andy, who grew up and had to leave all her childhood memories and pleasure, including a collection of toys that had been with him all this time, and then moved on with life. And it works! If the first film and the second character Andy does not seem too involved in the story, the character Andy this time it had been the key to the main emotion in this film, as Arndt cleverly managed to put Andy in the audience as the characters in the story.

For those who claim to have never followed the previous Toy Story, director Lee Unkrich managed to slip a small summary of the close relationship during this time Andy and his toys in the form of a video recording of the scene that Andy was playing with all his toys. Running short, but successful enough to give a brief description of why the character is so mean toy for Andy.

In addition to the emotional storyline with strong grooves, like the films before Disney and Pixar, Toy Story 3 also gives a pretty exciting adventure story for the characters. Coupled with visualization ala Pixar, which seems to have a guarantee that a film will be a visual system gives a very satisfying, and the sound is very appropriate, adventure story becomes more real and interesting entertainment part of the overall look of Toy Story 3 is trying to show by Unkrich.

Like the Up, which is getting a boost from the emotional musical accompaniment composed by composer Michael Giacchino, Toy Story 3 also has Randy Newman, composer who has compiled the music for the series since the beginning. On Toy Story 3, Newman was again able to do very well. Musical accompaniment makes every scene to be a better value: when the thrilling action scenes, romantic scenes when poercintaan nuanced and (very) sad in a very touching scene. Newman gives additional life to the story of Toy Story.

All this is summed up very well by director Lee Unkrich. Through Unkrich hand, it must be admitted that the story Toy Story 3 runs faster than the next two series, but still maintain the closeness of the composition of the plot that made no single part in the plot of this movie which will be boring for the audience. Unkrich also able to make the audience with the introduction of new characters – which amounts to quite a lot of it – running smoothly, and make new characters such as has long been a part of a large family of Toy Story toys.

So, whether the audience has discovered how Pixar is able to maintain their success? Maybe it is. Above all a dramatic visual appearance and no doubt the Pixar always prefer the heart and emotional bond will be established between a movie with the audience. This is often forget by Hollywood filmmakers. No exception for Toy Story 3, which is a slick blend between drama, comedy, action and romance, Pixar re-create a new standard of how movies should be made. Standard that somehow, managed to pass the high standards they have made in the previous films.

Filled with a deep philosophy of life, like Wall-E and Up, Toy Story 3 has a rate that is more fun than the second film, and reminiscent of Pixar films in the first era. Clearly, Pixar will make you a little trouble to imagine that you will no longer listen adventures of Woody and his friends in the future, just like you can not imagine parting from your good friends. Toy Story 3 is a part of the cover is very, very perfect for a trilogy of stories that have opened the doors of success for Pixar.

Toy Story 3 (2010) Trailer :

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Toy Story 3 (2010) cast and crew :

Director : Lee Unkrich

Writers : John Lasseter (story), Andrew Stanton (story) See More

Stars : Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack See More

Country : USA

Language : English | Spanish

Release Date : 18 June 2010 (USA)

Budget : $200,000,000 (estimated)


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